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Sea Sun Pitch

at Eurasia Startup Summit II, investors met with startups from different parts of the world in Bodrum Turkey!
Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program, which brought excitement and innovation to the ecosystem in its first term, continues with a more innovative approach with its second term participants and new stakeholders. The final day of the Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program, which was implemented for the second time with 10 international startups last March, was held at Bodrum Armonia Holiday & Spa between 13-15 May 2022.
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Business Angel Network

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Venture Capital

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Portfolio Management Companies

Eurasia Startup Summit II Facts

First day program is started with opening speech titled “Entrepreneurship from Bodrum to the World” from keynote speaker Ersin Pamuksüzer who is founder of TheLifeCo and StarterHubs
Co-Founder of Bodrum Investment and Angel Effect.
In the second day at the Eurasia Startup Summit II, 13 Startups from different parts of the world met with Turkey's important investment groups and had the opportunity to pitch at the stage. Participated startups Impresso, Amygdala Health, ServisSoft, Queme, Linguverse, Mag Studyo, Meetearn, Rebee, Visutate, Volvero, Kleen, Athlantys Innovative Solutions and Mapalytics took the stage in front of investors.
Two panels on Entrepreneurship From Different Aspects and International Markets were held in the program. At the first panel which moderated by former JCI World president İsmail Haznedar on Entrepreneurship From Different Aspects , Pareto Ventures Managing Partner angel investor Kıvılcım Çaylı, startup mentor business and mindset coach Saleh Al Hanash, Fongogo crowdfunding platform Board Member Emine Çelebi and Angel Effect CEO Gökhan Akar took part and shared their viewpoints.
At the second and International Markets panel, startup mentor Kevin Neary operating in New York and Ireland, author and startup mentor Unotida Nyoni from Cape Town, angel investor Murat Onsekizoğlu operating in Turkey and Europe, and Iranian investment group B Venture CEO Hamid Alibeiki participated and shared their views on different markets of the world.
One of our speakers Fatih Güner who is CEO and Founder of Komünite gave a speech titled “The Big Quit Time and Angels”, Ilkay Demirdağ who is Investment Strategist gave a speech about Integrated Thinking and Value Creation. And Co-Founder of ScaleUp Company Ned Pamuk had spoken about “Increase the value  of your growing firm: ROCKEFELLER HABITS 2.0’. He also presented Scaling Up book which published from ScaleUp Company first time in Turkey in Eurasia Startup Summit, to all Let’s Scale Up Startups at the and of the program.
Our strategic partner Pitch at the Beach’s founder Israel Pons, connected the program virtually and announce the winner of Let’s Scale Up startup Impresso which eligible to join Pitch at the Beach Portugal.
Lastly, program ended with signing ceremony between Let's Scale Up and BVenture Capital Investment Company. Chairwoman of Let's Scale Up Zerrin Şakır and CEO of BVenture Hamid Alibeiki sign MoU to create collaboration and strategic partnership in MENA region startup ecosystem.
After the full day program all participant joined beach party which was significantly created for the guests of Eurasia Startup Summit II.
With the two day of event, startups from all around the World had this great chance to keep in touch with investors and ecosystem builders in fully casual atmosphere. The event is created for chance of business, network and investment and also creat close relationships in the joyfull Bodrum beaches.
For this reason that our motto is "Sea, Sun, Pitch",
and we will keep creating this opportunities for all over. 
To be part of this community, follow the latest information from Let’s Scale Up Team.
The Conference
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About Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program 

What is Let's Scale Up Acceleration Program?

It is a startup acceleration program that will last for 10 weeks. Within the scope of the program, the necessary training/trainings will be offered to entrepreneurs online in English. Entrepreneurs are responsible for continuing the program and performing the business steps assigned to them in a timely and quality manner. Participants who meet the 80% attendance requirement at the end of the program will receive investor mentor support from Gain Global and JCI Eurasia in the next periods of the program.

Let’s Scale Up Acceleration Program II Startups

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